The Washita Battlefield National Historic Site is located a little over one mile from the town of Cheyenne, Oklahoma.  Cheyenne is located approximately 140 miles west of Oklahoma City and 128 miles east of Amarillo, Texas.  U.S. highway 283 traverses the town in a north-south direction, intersecting the main street, Broadway at a 4-way stop.

The residents of Cheyenne are very friendly and helpful, and take pride in the history that surrounds the areas.  They realize that visitors are interested into he battlefield site and go out of their way to be informative.  Ranchers in big pickup trucks greet visitors with a warm"howdy' wave of the hand as they drive by.

There are at least three motels and a bed and breakfast facility available for lodging.  The largest is the Cheyenne Motel  which can be easily found on highway 283 one block north of  Broadway. The rooms are of good size,  neat and clean, and available all year.

Visitors have access to a food market, carwash, laundry, library, and local activities.  More information can be obtained from the Chamber of Commerce at 580-497-3318.