The Black kettle Museum, contains displays, relics, photos and dioramas depicting the history of the battle and the plains Indians.  It is operated by the Oklahoma Historical Society.  The Curator is Bob Duke, who is a longtime student of local history in general and the Washita battle in particular.  A gift shop containing a variety of western related items and an extensive collection of books on Custer and the Plains Indians is available for purchase.  The museum display complement the background knowledge required of visitors to appreciate the impact of the Washita battle.  Located across the street (L.L. Males & Broadway) from the Park Service office.  It is open 7 days a week from 8  AM to 4 PM (longer hours during the summer).

Curator: Bob Duke (in 2000)

Address: P.O. Box  252, Cheyenne, OK  73628

Tel: 580-497-3929

Web Sites: